Las caderas más sensuales de U.S.A.
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Sommer Ray, el pompi mejor pagado de U.S.A

La norteamericana es la chica fit más solicitada por las marcas. Sus ganancias oscilan los 5.2 millones de dólares al año.

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por Meily Ustariz


sorry guys i’ve been super busy so i’m finally posting my coachella pics today lol thanks to the amazing @martin_depict for capturing these moments ✨��

17 Abr, 2019 a las 7:31 PDT


wuuuurkin’ ������ #tb to one of my fav shoots

5 Abr, 2019 a las 12:33 PDT


put that wuuuurk in today babes ����✨ & shop this fit �� @shopsommerray ~ • �� @kevinostaj

25 Mar, 2019 a las 12:31 PDT


hi babesss how are you today?? �� if you’re bored checkout the behind the scenes of this photoshoot on my igtv ��

10 Oct, 2018 a las 10:58 PDT


forever chasing the sun

6 Sep, 2018 a las 12:14 PDT


a lil throwback

11 Abr, 2018 a las 12:03 PDT


Happy Easter! �� hope everyone has a blessed day ����

1 Abr, 2018 a las 2:31 PDT


sometimes i'm healthy and sometimes i use cookies as a spoon for my ice cream. its called balance

8 Nov, 2017 a las 5:10 PST


beach baby

16 Oct, 2017 a las 3:18 PDT


Just posted a video on my YouTube channel of me & my momma @shannon_rayyy reacting to her IG comments �� check it out! Link in bio ���� don't forget to subscribe ��

21 Oct, 2017 a las 4:07 PDT